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November 22, 2019

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After KQV Radio ceased its operations in 2017, George Dukovich was convinced that also meant the end of his popular long-running Moneyline Show, a live call-in financial talk show where he had provided financial advice to callers since 1990. His business grew over time, and Dukovich attributes some of that success to Moneyline.

Due to the show’s popularity, his account representative, Phyllis Fenn, who moved over to WISH radio, convinced one of the producers to revive it.

“She approached her boss with an experimental change of format—my show,” says Dukovich, president of Dukovich & Associates Financial Services, Inc., and branch manager of the Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., office located in the Strip District. “So we started back in production. The time off gave me some renewed perspective that the show did, in fact, help not only my clients but many who listened through the years. I received many emails and phone calls. It was nice.”

Today, the Moneyline Show with George Dukovich airs for 30 minutes on Saturday mornings at 7:30 and Sunday mornings at 6:30 on WISH 99.7. One common question he hears often from the callers is regarding how to get started in investing.

“That’s the number-one most basic question,” he says. “Some callers may start with a scenario such as wanting to retire or wanting to save money. I want to remove some of the worry I’ve had about my current investments and make it as easy as possible.”

The cornerstone of Dukovich’s business model is simple—to educate his clients and execute their objectives. Dukovich has been in the financial-services business since 1983 and with Raymond James for over 20 years. During that time he has demonstrated the personal, educational, and client-centered qualities that have built the branch into the success it has become today.

As a full-service investment and financialplanning company—and member, FINRA/SIPC— Dukovich & Associates is an independent firm. Securities are offered through Raymond James. Specifically, the company offers investment, retirement, and estate planning to individuals and business owners.

“If you’re planning to retire someday, whether it’s in the short term or in the long term, we can help,” says Dukovich. “If you have had a lifechanging event, we can help. If you would like a

second opinion on your current investment mix, we can help. We help you with the important decisions is our mission.”

While there are many financial-services firms in the marketplace, Dukovich believes that what sets his firm apart is its friendly, client-first approach to every aspect of the business.

Additionally, I like my clients,” he says. “Many of them I’ve had since the first year I opened and subsequently have their children as clients. That’s a great feeling. Also, we are in the relationship business. My clients will meet me and stay with me. Our clients appreciate the relationship consistency.”

While some people prefer to manage their own investment strategies, there are several advantages to working with an experienced investment firm, notes Dukovich: “Two big advantages are what to invest in based on risk and objectives, and working to keep the ship steady when a storm kicks up. The latter event can capsize many do-it-yourselfers.”

Additionally, experience matters in this industry. “Our clients can come to us as a resource for many different scenarios. We have the background and perspective that most D-I-Y’ers do not have,” Dukovich adds.

Originally located in downtown Pittsburgh, Dukovich moved his offices to the Strip District in 1999. He enjoys the convenience his office offers to clients who might also wish to visit the Strip District landmarks, shops, and restaurants.

“We’ve never regretted making the move,” he says. “It starts with the obvious—central to all roads leading in—location. But it’s more than that. The Strip offers the life of the city without the hassle of the city. There’s parking, restaurants, walkability, retail, and history here.”

Like many other small businesses in the neighborhood, Dukovich & Associates Financial Services is a generational family business.
“Like the Wholeys and so many other smaller families, we are proud to include family in the business,” says Dukovich. “My son, Matt, is a licensed financial advisor working alongside me, and my wife, Judy, has been the office manager for over 20 years.”

Having worked in the Strip District for more than two decades, Dukovich appreciates seeing the growth around them: “We welcome any new people coming into or working in the Strip to consider us for their investment, financial, and retirement needs.”

When a client chooses to work with his team, Dukovich says that they have the opportunity to work with an experienced and extensively trained team of professionals in a relaxed, down-to-earth, and straightforward atmosphere.

“That’s something we pride ourselves on at Dukovich Financial,” he says. “It’s kind of like the Strip—you get value for your money!”

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